Pancoat 팬콧: A super-Korean clothing brand

20 10 2013

I first noticed a trend in Korean dramas that people would wear brightly-colored sweatshirts and T-shirts that had cute, animated animal characters on the front. I didn’t realize what it was until I came to Korea. It was Pancoat!


If you want to look Korean and wear something that I’m pretty sure is just popular in Korea, get some Pancoat clothing. It’s a little on the pricey side, but I bought some Pancoat things because I was wanting as many Korean things I could have. Then when I’m back home, I can still have pieces of Korea with me.

I know it’s just clothing, but people need to wear clothes everyday, and clothes express you as a person. I’ll be much happier back home wearing clothing that reminds me of my time here.

The duck character is Pancoat’s most popular character. It’s their trademark sign.


The clothes are good quality and sturdy—meaning good stitching and fabric. The leggings and sweatpants are thick and cozy.

The sizes run from XS to XL. I’d have to say that the sizes are pretty similar to USA sizes (I’m saying this because many Korean clothes run very small). I normally wear a size L sweatshirt back home, and I also bought a large size Pancoat sweatshirt here. My other sweatshirt is an XL because I prefer more loose-fitting things. It’s just perfect! Think about how clothes shrink a bit after you dry them.

Many clothes are unisex, so many of the T-shirts are more of a guy’s size. I bought a size S T-shirt. The girl-style polos I think run smaller though, because they are meant for girls, so I would probably buy a size L. Actually, I just ordered an XL polo. We’ll see how it is.

How to buy/order:
Here is a link to Pancoat’s website:  Click here

Here is a link to GMarket, an online “Korean-Amazon” that sells Pancoat clothing (plus anything else you could want). Many sellers ship to the USA. The prices are pretty true to Pancoat’s store price: Click here

Notes: The clothing is seasonal. During spring and summertime, they have really cute polo dresses and collared shirts. I went to the Pancoat shop  today (Oct. 20) because I wanted to get some things before I leave, but the lady said they only sell collared T-shirts during summer. I was bummed out, but I managed to find the shirt I wanted from a seller on GMarket.