WILK (Why I Love Korea): Reason 3: Delicious barbecue buffets

1 10 2013

I live in Cheonan. Here are two meat buffets that I have been to. I also ate at a meat buffet in Seoul, but I don’t remember the name or directions. Out of all three, Mammoth Meat is by far the best one I’ve been too (ambiance, price, taste and service).

1) Dino Meat
Directions from Ssangyong-dong Yongam Mall (쌍용동 용암마울): Take bus 12 heading towards Shinsaegae. It is about 3-5 stops away. You will see it directly across from the bus stop where you get off. There are around 8-11 meats to choose from. You sit on the floor, but they honestly have the most comfortable butt cushions that I’ve ever sat on. It felt like Tempur-Pedic! Price is 16,000 won a person.

2) Mammoth Meat
Directions: Near the Lotte Mart that is by the Post Office, McDonalds, Baskin Robins, and Holic Cafe: Face out the door of Lotte Mart (looking across the street you will see the Holic Cafe in the building across the street on the 2F). Walk across the street and weave in and out of the side streets. You will find it.

It has a great ambiance, service and the food is wonderful. You can select from around 7-10 different meats. Unlike Dino Meat, there is also a large selection of delicious side–including steamed, skewered fish cake, potato salad, mandoo, ddeokbokki, and other salads. Price is only a measly 11,900 won per person! Unbelievable!

Mammoth meat

Thank you Kari Killion Stiles for these pictures.


Where Did the Snow Go?

27 01 2013

For anyone who’s been wondering about the weather in Cheonan, South Korea, it has been cold! Well, since having a blizzard last month, the snow has been slowly melting away. For a while, just ice covered the sidewalks and streets, but that, too, melted away recently.

However, today it started snowing again. But it isn’t sticking very well. As I write this post, the snow is already disappearing.

Weather Update 
Jan. 27 12:34 p.m.
Current Temperature: 26°F, lightly snowing


A view from my apartment in Cheonan, South Korea.

Rooftop Cats

13 01 2013

There’s a stray cat population milling around town. Sometimes I hear cats fighting at night. Every other day, I notice one walking the streets. Today, I just happened to notice two cats on top of some rooftops about 20 feet below my apartment window.

Both cats

I don’t know what they were up to–maybe about to fight–but I grabbed my camera and snapped some photos.

The orange and brown cat walked off, but the other hung out a while by a sign. After about 10 minutes, he leaped off one of the buildings.

Close up 5

cats in one

A Korean filmmaker created a 76-minute indie documentary called “Dancing Cat.” It follows the tales of stray cats around Korea and shows their struggle to survive.