Where Did the Snow Go?

27 01 2013

For anyone who’s been wondering about the weather in Cheonan, South Korea, it has been cold! Well, since having a blizzard last month, the snow has been slowly melting away. For a while, just ice covered the sidewalks and streets, but that, too, melted away recently.

However, today it started snowing again. But it isn’t sticking very well. As I write this post, the snow is already disappearing.

Weather Update 
Jan. 27 12:34 p.m.
Current Temperature: 26°F, lightly snowing


A view from my apartment in Cheonan, South Korea.


First Snowfall

15 12 2012

Cheonan’s first snow arrived last week. It arrived early and caught everyone off guard. It started snowing while I was at school that Wednesday, and classes after 4 p.m. ended up being canceled. I enjoyed playing with the kids while they waited for the bus. I was helping three 10-ish-year-old boys sing Michael Jackson’s Heal the World. ^_^ SO cute!
This underground network of tunnels is all around the city. You walk in at one side of the street and pop out about two blocks away. On my way to Lotte Mart, by myself, I came out the wrong end and walked about 5 blocks before I realized! The tunnels are nice, however, since you don’t need to worry about crossing the street (I don’t trust Korean drivers).
This is where I come out when exiting the tunnel to go to Lotte Mart.
You can see my school in this photo. Can you find it? Look up the right building until you see “SLP” (Sogang Language Program). The school is on the fifth floor.
The street in Cheonan. This is another photo I took on the way to Lotte Mart.