WILK (Why I Love Korea): Reason 3: Delicious barbecue buffets

1 10 2013

I live in Cheonan. Here are two meat buffets that I have been to. I also ate at a meat buffet in Seoul, but I don’t remember the name or directions. Out of all three, Mammoth Meat is by far the best one I’ve been too (ambiance, price, taste and service).

1) Dino Meat
Directions from Ssangyong-dong Yongam Mall (쌍용동 용암마울): Take bus 12 heading towards Shinsaegae. It is about 3-5 stops away. You will see it directly across from the bus stop where you get off. There are around 8-11 meats to choose from. You sit on the floor, but they honestly have the most comfortable butt cushions that I’ve ever sat on. It felt like Tempur-Pedic! Price is 16,000 won a person.

2) Mammoth Meat
Directions: Near the Lotte Mart that is by the Post Office, McDonalds, Baskin Robins, and Holic Cafe: Face out the door of Lotte Mart (looking across the street you will see the Holic Cafe in the building across the street on the 2F). Walk across the street and weave in and out of the side streets. You will find it.

It has a great ambiance, service and the food is wonderful. You can select from around 7-10 different meats. Unlike Dino Meat, there is also a large selection of delicious side–including steamed, skewered fish cake, potato salad, mandoo, ddeokbokki, and other salads. Price is only a measly 11,900 won per person! Unbelievable!

Mammoth meat

Thank you Kari Killion Stiles for these pictures.


Seoul Adventure 2, Part 1: Tom’s Cat Cafe

19 05 2013

There are a few Cat Cafe’s in Seoul, in addition to other specialty cafes such as board game cafes and dog cafes. In a country where it’s hard to find cat food and most people are afraid of cats, it was a heart-warming experience to be surrounded by so many cute kitties!


Entry to the cafe is 8,000 won for an adult. The entry price includes one drink, too. You can choose from coffee beverages such as an Americano, mint mocha, latte or cappuccino, to hot teas, to fruit drinks and juices.

I got an iced mint mocha, and it tasted pretty delicious! It wasn’t too sweet, compared to the many overly-sweetened coffee drinks I’ve tasted in Korea.


Side note: For being in a country where most people are super skinny and tiny, you would think that they would consume less sugar in drinks than Americans. I’ve never tasted such sugary drinks as the ones in Korea! Juices taste like Jolly Ranchers and sweetened coffees taste like syrup with a hint of coffee.

Tom’s Cat Cafe is stylish and brightly colored. I love the peachy-orange walls inside. It’s a very cheerful place to play with the cats. I should have asked about how many cats are at the cafe, but there’s got to be at least 20.

You can pick up a play toy and try playing with them, but many of them tend to hang around and sleep or lick themselves. The lazy cats often get up to walk over and eat food. I saw one person order some extra food–it looked like white fish–then the worker lady tapped the little, green food bowl on the ground three times. Just then, all of the cats came swarming over to the girl.

Some of the kitties had these cute shirts on, too. One cat had a Superman outfit on ^^

pic 3

Most of the customers were Koreans. Many of the visitors were couples. I definitely enjoyed my times there! I ended up with more pictures–sadly—here than I did at the palace I visited earlier.

Getting there: Tom’s Cat Cafe is hidden on the third floor of a building across the street from Art Box. My friend and I read directions from someone’s blog. They said to get off subway Line 2 at Hongik University, leave Exit 9, then walk along the road until you see the Art Box. These directions got us lost!

When exiting the subway, there is a street that goes straight that you can follow–but this is not the correct direction. The other option is to turn slightly left and walk up a road that’s on a hill and bustling with people and many shops.

The latter of the two will take you in the right direction. Even walking along this path, however, we never came to the cafe. We had to search the address on Google maps navigator and track where we were walking!

Doing this during a sudden rain downpour made it all the more exciting when we finally reached the orange sign the read “Toms Cat”


23 01 2013

I didn’t realize what a luxury  certain kitchen amenities were until I was boiling water in a pot to heat up a pre-cooked bowl of rice. Many apartments don’t have an oven or microwave  in Korea. My apartment didn’t come with a toaster, and I didn’t want to spend extra money buying something I would leave here. How would I toast bread without a toaster?!  Simple. Toast it on a frying pan.

Even if you have a toaster, I’m telling you that a frying pan works much better. First of all, it also doesn’t take as long.  It also toasts the bread evenly. Some bread I’ve tried to toast always had a  soggy edge because it was too big to fit in the whole toaster.

Toast 1Toast 2