Rooftop Cats

13 01 2013

There’s a stray cat population milling around town. Sometimes I hear cats fighting at night. Every other day, I notice one walking the streets. Today, I just happened to notice two cats on top of some rooftops about 20 feet below my apartment window.

Both cats

I don’t know what they were up to–maybe about to fight–but I grabbed my camera and snapped some photos.

The orange and brown cat walked off, but the other hung out a while by a sign. After about 10 minutes, he leaped off one of the buildings.

Close up 5

cats in one

A Korean filmmaker created a 76-minute indie documentary called “Dancing Cat.” It follows the tales of stray cats around Korea and shows their struggle to survive.


미용실 고양이 (Hair Salon Cat)

23 12 2012

I’m sitting with Rosa in a hair shop. I need to get my hair trimmed. There’s this really cute cat here. She’s missing her tail and an eye–and apparently she’s pregnant. ^_^


Her name is 까망 (ggamang). She had her tail right by a firey hot heater, and she likes hot water.


A Note That Made My Day

18 12 2012

Today was a good day. One of my elementary classes has not been on their best behavior, but my co-teacher and I worked out how to help control/manage them. Today, one the boys, June, who has been particularly problematic, kissed me on the cheek while I checked his homework and gave me a little Christmas bell charm. ^_^

I will also be teaching special Kindergarten classes. Kindergarten students have a math, science, gym, art and story class each week. I will be teaching science, art and story classes. One of the students in science class gave me a cute picture that says, “I love you.”

Picture of me 1

I also got a few pieces of candy!