A Trip to the Doctor

9 12 2012

After drinking a kombucha, Emergen-Cs, and only water and tea on my way to Korea, I was sure that I’d avoid getting sick. When I arrived, all of the teachers said that everyone gets sick their first week–they were right.

Shortly after I arrived, my voice was sore and dry. Four days later I was sneezing, blowing my nose, taking NyQuil, DayQuil, Theraflu and drinking tea. It hasn’t really helped. I’ve been sick nearly one week and am just now feeling a little better.

Not only that, but last Monday I got to experience the Korean medical system. That morning, after being on my computer for about 10 minutes, I had an extremely painful sharp pain in my neck. I couldn’t move it left or right. It hurt just trying to stand up. A few hours later, I had to walk to work. Since I don’t have my medical card yet, I took another teacher’s–apparently they don’t notice or mind.

Summer, the second-in-command at SLP, took me to the doctor’s office, which is only a minutes’ walk away. With no appointment, I saw a doctor in less than 5 minutes. They took X-rays and discovered that my neck was straight, when it should have a natural curve. I visited the physical therapy room downstairs. There, I had static electricity therapy on my neck. I don’t feel like it helped much, but it was an interesting experience.

I also got a medicine prescription. The pharmacist packaged four pills into 12 individual pouches and said to take three pouches a day. Not knowing what it was, I was taking a mysterious medication. Needless to say, I couldn’t tell if it helped or not. I ended up only taking one a day.

The whole experience (doctor visit plus medicine) cost about $13. Not bad!