WILK (Why I Love Korea): Reason 3: Delicious barbecue buffets

1 10 2013

I live in Cheonan. Here are two meat buffets that I have been to. I also ate at a meat buffet in Seoul, but I don’t remember the name or directions. Out of all three, Mammoth Meat is by far the best one I’ve been too (ambiance, price, taste and service).

1) Dino Meat
Directions from Ssangyong-dong Yongam Mall (쌍용동 용암마울): Take bus 12 heading towards Shinsaegae. It is about 3-5 stops away. You will see it directly across from the bus stop where you get off. There are around 8-11 meats to choose from. You sit on the floor, but they honestly have the most comfortable butt cushions that I’ve ever sat on. It felt like Tempur-Pedic! Price is 16,000 won a person.

2) Mammoth Meat
Directions: Near the Lotte Mart that is by the Post Office, McDonalds, Baskin Robins, and Holic Cafe: Face out the door of Lotte Mart (looking across the street you will see the Holic Cafe in the building across the street on the 2F). Walk across the street and weave in and out of the side streets. You will find it.

It has a great ambiance, service and the food is wonderful. You can select from around 7-10 different meats. Unlike Dino Meat, there is also a large selection of delicious side–including steamed, skewered fish cake, potato salad, mandoo, ddeokbokki, and other salads. Price is only a measly 11,900 won per person! Unbelievable!

Mammoth meat

Thank you Kari Killion Stiles for these pictures.


Korean Dining 101

20 01 2013

I will try and post as many different Korean dishes as I can. I will tell you what it is, what to eat it with and how to eat it.

Blog photo scissors

1. Kitchen Scissors at my Table?
Koreans are smart. They use kitchen scissors to cut almost everything. That’s why scissors are at most Korean restaurant tables. You just snip meat into pieces–rather than try and cut it with a knife on a plate.

2. Raw Meat
Some restaurants in the USA are popular for dishes that chefs cook right at the table. In Korea, most restaurants that serve meat have gas burners and pans built into each table. The owners bring out raw meat or soup ingredients, and it cooks at your table. It’s fresh, and you don’t need to worry about it getting cold.

3. Soju
First distilled around 800 years ago as a drink for the high class, today soju is a an important aspect to Korean meals. This popular Korean alcohol usually ranges from 20-30 percent proof. It’s mainly made of rice but is usually mixed other ingredients such as barley, sweet potatoes or wheat. It has a similar taste to vodka, but it is much smoother and refined. All soju that is sold now it diluted (rather than distilled). Jinro is one of the most popular soju brands–it’s sold in the USA as well.

4. No Tipping
This is self explanatory. You don’t need to tip anyone for anything–not for taxi drivers, hair dressers or people at restaurants.

5. Side Dishes
Any restaurant meal always includes at least three small side dishes, called banchan (반찬). A combination of countless sides may appear, but common ones are various kinds of radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi, green onion kimchi, seasoned bean sprouts, seasoned spinach, braised tofu, and sweet soy sauce glazed potatoes. These are included with your meal, and you don’t order them. Feel free to ask for more.

6. Sharing Food
While most foreigners are use to each having their own plate of food, Koreans share food from the same bowls, plates and heated pans. Korean meals are about being close with your friends and sharing the food. Just take your chopstick and eat what you want.

American University
Princeton University

Delicious Delicacies at The Holic

4 01 2013

A mocha latte from The Holic, located in Cheonan (by Lotte Mart).

After a busy day at work, I was happy to meet with Rosa at The Holic tonight. She treated me to some delicious, fluffy bread that we paired with delicious strawberry jam and sweet whipped cream.

What I loved was her mocha that was topped with a wonderful heart design. Latte art makes any drink seem more cozy and inviting. I hate to take the first drink–I feel like I’m killing its spirit. What will I do when I go to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul?!

Korean at The Holic

15 12 2012

I started meeting with one of the foreign teachers at SLP and a Korean lady who is the school’s librarian. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We help her with English, and she helps us with Korean. This week we went to The Holic–a really chic, cozy and cute cafe in Cheonan.

사진 001

This Rosa (my Korean friend) and me. Rosa’s adorable and sweet! ^_^

Take a look at the delicious waffle (와플) we got! It was ₩7,500 (about $7.50). It was a giant waffle with vanilla bean ice cream and a big, fluffy scoop of whip cream blended with fresh fruit.

사친 003

This was one of the most fancy and well-plated waffles that I have ever eaten.

사진 002

Here we are taking a bite of our tasty waffle.