I’m a journalism graduate from Western Washington University. Right now, I live in Cheonan, South Korea. Korea is a land filled with delicious, spicy and flavorful foods, fun fashion that’s one step ahead of the curb, warm and friendly people, scary drivers, lightly littered streets lacking public trash cans, trendy electronics, and many other distinguishing traits. I will be here until December 2013 teaching  English at a Sogang Language Program branch, where I work with elementary to middle school students. I love working with them.

So far, Korea is an amazing place to live.


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6 02 2013

Hi Katya,

I really enjoy your blog and I’m currently considering accepting a position at your school in Korea! If you’re willing to I would love it if you could answer some questions of mine.


7 02 2013

Oh wow! Sure! Thank you for your comment! ^_^

7 02 2013

You can email me at katislaterszirommail@gmail.com

21 02 2013

Hi, Kati,

It’s great to go along on your adventures with you. Keep it up – we’re all rooting for you over here.

~Carol B at WWU-J

22 02 2013

Carol! Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it.

21 04 2013
Tram Lee


I just arrived in Cheonan to teach English at Sesem (Saesaem) Elementary School. I enjoyed your posts of the city. Please let me know if you have any recommendations on places to visit or eat. Thank you.

21 04 2013

Oh, hi! ^^ Thank you! I have been slacking lately. –_– But I have so much I want to post! Will you start a blog, too? What area of Cheonan are you in? I’m in Ssangyongdong 쌍용동

22 04 2013
Tram Lee

I will follow your blog. I just started my blog but I’m still trying to figure out how to use wordpress. I stay in Shinbangdong, I don’t know how to read or write in Korean characters yet. Lol….

22 04 2013

Oh thanks! I really suggest trying to learn to read Korean. It only takes like two days of really trying, then you can read and write! But many packages (food and signs or what not) are written in Korean, but it will be Konglish a lot of the time. So if you can read Korean, you can sound out the words and figure out what it is in English.

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