WILK (Why I Love Korea): Reason 2: Smart shopping

1 10 2013

There’s nothing more annoying that driving into a parking space, only to see that a lazy shopper blocked it by leaving their shopping cart there. In Korea, there aren’t many “parking lot” areas that I’ve noticed. Many people take public transportation. But, for people who do drive, the parking is usually in a tall, spiraled parking garage.

Despite that, I noticed a Korean trend for storing shopping carts. The American stores should pick it up!

When you go to most larger grocery stores, the shopping carts are all inter-connected by chains with a lock on them. To get a cart, you just put in one 500 won coin (~50 cents) and slide the lock. It releases a cart. When you’re leaving, you just connect the cart back to the rest of the other neatly-connected carts. You even get your coin back!

If we had these, people would be much more inclined to return their carts to the correct place. Also, many stores line the exits with this certain material that you can’t roll carts over. So unless you want to be really obvious and desperate, you won’t pick up the cart to carry it over.




3 responses

21 10 2013
Beauty-full Dreams

We have the same thing in supermarkets in my country ^^ Before that people used to leave the carts anywhere and a few were even stolen !

22 10 2013

Ya. I wish other countries could learn from other places that have great ideas!! >>

Where are you from???

26 11 2013
Beauty-full Dreams

Sorry for the late reply, my modem went out of order a month ago and I had to wait to get my connexion back 😦

Yes, it would be great if everyone could benefit from other countries’ good ideas 🙂 I live in France by the way ^^

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