What Sound Does a Cat Make?

6 01 2013


Did you realize that most countries will have their own animal sounds? In the U.S., we say a cat goes “meow meow” and a dog goes “woof woof” or “bark.”

In Korea, cats go “nyaaaong nyaaaong” and a dog goes “mung mung.” For a dog sound, pretend you are saying “uhh” and put “m” in front and “ng” at the end.

You can check out this video by Simon and Martina of Eatyourkimchi.com where they talk about Korean animal sounds.




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7 01 2013

I remember this from when I took French! That is, how all the different languages have their own onomatopoeia. Cool stuff!
Cats go miaou and dogs go ouah.

7 01 2013

^_^ Ya it’s interesting. I feel like a lot of Korean sounds don’t really sound like the animals… but they sound really cute haha. I watched a video of a Filipino girl comparing animal sounds with her Korean boyfriend, and many of the Filipino sound like English sounds. The Korean ones are way off… lol.

5 02 2013

Here are a few more:
Rooster: ko-ki-oh
Frog: gay-kul
(I had a long conversation about these with a coworker.)

5 02 2013

ya! i was talking to one of the teachers about a pig sound. Korean sounds are so cute… but don’t usually sound like the animal sounds i feel like lol

5 02 2013

And our sounds don’t sound like the animals to the Koreans!

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